leonardo’s wishes you a happy 2014

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This year, more FUN, less fear…thatʼs our mantra for the NEW YEAR! As we celebrate 2014, which marks the 5th year {can you believe it} since weʼve re-opened our doors, we reflect back on all the changes and exciting challenges this blissful business has brought about. From the addition of new designers and new consultants, to our move from and then back to our cozy little boutique home; itʼs definitely been an eventful five years!

In the past we hesitated to make decisions out of fear that they donʼt follow the ʻrulesʼ of a traditional bridal shop…this year we say, “bring on the FUN” and move forward with what makes us, well, US!!! Weʼve come to realize weʼre definitely not your typical bridal shop, and weʼre pretty darn proud of that! Here are a few of our favorite NEW things:

1. To start, THIS blog-site. Itʼs everything weʼve always wanted, and we l.o.v.e. it, BIG shout-out to Melissa @ Jelly Design Studio! Itʼs a combo of a website and a blog…why make things more complicated, right?!?

2. Availability by appointment. We know most stores have standard business hours, but not us! We meet you at our boutique for a personalized appointment at a time thatʼs most convenient for YOU!

3. A mobile #. We know you gals are busy, and sometimes {well most times} itʼs just easier to send a text. So, we now have a mobile # where you can reach us as soon as a question pops into your head, instead of the next business day!

4. Less designers, more style. Many stores carry a limited selection from several designers, but weʼve done the opposite. Weʼve found a few, select designers whom we LOVE, and have decided to exclusively offer their stylish selections.

5. Libby. Our amazingly adorable sales and style consultant. Weʼve always prided ourselves on fabulous customer service, and she does not disappoint! Donʼt worry, her pretty face will be gracing our site soon as well…she just welcomed her new son, Cohen {YAY} but she will be back in February, just in time for our Valentineʼs day soiree!!!


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